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 Wolph Title Inc. is a modern, fully automated, technology-based, title and escrow settlement company serving real estate mortgage brokers’, individual sellers’/buyers’ and lenders’ refinance and purchase needs through the State of Ohio.

 Wolph Title, Inc utilizes some of the most advanced, up to date computer equipment, interface technologies and software available to the real estate settlement industry assuring our real estate mortgage and lender clients that the settlement process is accurate, error free, efficient and cost effective.

Residential Services

Wolph Title Inc. offers customers the most complete real estate services in Ohio. You can count on us for all your real estate-related needs. For assurance and security, contact Wolph Title Inc. office for all your title needs.

Subdivision Services

Wolph Title Inc.’s is specialized in supplying the necessary underwriting, coordinating and high-liability service needs of commercial/industrial and subdivision developers and builders, lenders and other real estate professionals locally or nationwide. We have the needed expertise in processing land acquisitions, new construction and sale-out transactions. Whether you're considering an industrial park subdivision, or accumulating parcels for a master planned community, Wolph Title Inc. can assist you with every phase of development.

Commercial and Industrial Services

Wolph Title Inc. focuses on commercial and industrial real estate transactions. Our commercial and industrial services competes at the highest level statewide, offering our customers the consolidated, coordinated delivery of all services required in a commercial and/or real estate transaction from a single source.

Closing Services

Wolph Title Inc. offers you experienced escrow and closing specialists well trained in real estate procedures, title insurance, taxes, deeds and insurance. Their wealth of technical experience and knowledge is your assurance of a smooth closing. By acting as a disinterested third party who follows the instructions of both the buyer and seller, keeping track of all the details of the transaction, Wolph Title Inc. gets the job done with efficiency and accuracy.


Travel and After-Hours Accessibility

Wolph Title Inc. offers after-hour and weekend closings.  We will also come to you, traveling to any county in the State of Ohio.  We want to make our company easily accessible to our clients.